Ninja Kitties A Special Christmas Tree Activity Storybook

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Learn the true meaning of Christmas in this charming Ninja Kitties children’s book!

It’s Christmas Eve in Kitlandia and the royal kitties are decorating their super tall Christmas tree! But Leon hasn’t had a chance to hang a single ornament. Frustrated, he decides it’s his turn to put the star on the top of tree and begins to climb. But the tree can’t handle his weight, topples to the floor, and the top breaks off! His siblings are angry with him for ruining the tree, so Leon sets off into the forest to find and cut down an even better tree. During his search, something happens that forces him to decide between finding a new tree or doing what’s right.

In this festive Christmas-themed picture book, learn why kindness and helping others is always the most important action over anything else.

Also included are exciting activity pages for kids that relate to the story and its lessons for further reading comprehension, from crossword puzzles and word searches to mazes, trivia, and seek and find games, plus tons of bonus stickers!

Format: Paperback
Size: 8 X 10”

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